Monday, 12 May 2014

Top Tips for Marketing Your Flower Shop

How can you Market your Flower Shop?
Below are some tips you may find useful 


Remember people do not visit a flower shop unless they need flowers. if they don't buy flowers regularly they wont know you are there when they need
 funeral flowers / birthday flowers / wedding flowers

Let them know where you are and what you have available 

Have an OPEN Day  - on that day 
Have Flower Arrangements in every local business and establishment, this will show your skills to people who do not visit flower shops ( make sure to attach an invite to your shop to the flower arrangement) 
Free Rose / Daffodil / Tulip to everyone who passes your shop - and if there is a local pub or restaurant leave in some for them to give out to their customers - Make sure they have your business card on them 

Understand your Locality and Customers
Look at your target area and decide what is the best price range for the area that you are in.  

Capitalise on your Point of Difference
What makes your flower shop different from another one in the area?
Do you offer a more prompt delivery service? 
Do you sell gifts as well as flowers?  
Can you take orders outside normal working hours?  
Longer working hours? 
Better Value for money?
Better Quality?
Find out why your present customers come to you and monopolies this. 

Keep an eye on your competition
Always good to be one step beside that one step behind

Find out where your Target Market are
Valentines Day  - Target Offices & Business where men work or congregate, Target Hotels who may offer flowers to their guests
Mothers Day - Target School Runs, Office Staff 
Find out the average age of those living in your locality, this will give you an idea as to the type of flowers you are more likely to sell.

Passing Trade
Is there a lot of passing Trade??  make it easy for them, plenty of signage, parking if possible, cash and wrap readily available

Record Keeping
Keep records for year to year - How much you ordered? How many arrangements, hand tied bouquets, plants etc that  you sold, this will give you a good basis to work on each year. 

Add to your Business
Can you add to your business - balloons, chocolates, cards, soft toys, wine, jewelry etc 

Wishing you the very best of luck in your business

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